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Lucys Cafe & Catering is a true Italian experience.

At My Mothers Side: Lucy's Story 

Lucy Maresca was born in city of Isernia in the Abruzzi-Molise region of Italy. Her parents owned and operated Ristoranta Maresca – and it still is open 100 years later under the name: Trattoria Maresca. She was raised “in the business” where everyone from young to old helped out. The first job she had was cleaning sardines with a pair of scissors and her mother had to perch me on top of a box so she could reach into the sink. Her mother had a tremendous influence on her development as a chef and it is from her that Lucy gets her passion for the business of food. 
"Everything I learned, I learned from my mother. I was by her side at the restaurant learning the tricks. I remember the first time I was asked to help. My job was to clean the fish, but I couldn’t reach the sink. They put a box under my feet, gave me a pair of scissors and pointed to a mound of sardines. Quite often, I think of my grandmother Rosa. She helped my mother make gnocchi and fettuccine. She would call on me and my sister Virginia to come and learn. As I grew older, my mother called on me more often to help “Stir the sauce, taste it, add a pinch of this, a bit of that.” I soon knew how to do it my mother’s side."

Lucy's Cafe & Catering

90 Nickel St.
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada L3K 1B2 (905) 834-7811

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Lovely Italian atmosphere | LCBO certified  | Seasonal Garden Patio | Catering | Take-Out & Delivery

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